Genki Forest Benefits

When you want to eat a delicious fruit smoothie that is full of vitamins and minerals, you don’t want to use a smoothie made with fruit that has been contaminated with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. With Genki Forest, you get to enjoy smoothies with the taste and health benefits of real fruit without any of the harmful additives and chemicals. In fact, you can find a wide variety of flavors, including vanilla, mango, and blueberry. It’s also sugar-free and low-calorie.


Genki Forest is a Chinese beverage company specializing in low-calorie, sugar-free drinks. In fact, it has quickly grown into the country’s fastest-growing beverage firm. The brand has positioned itself as a healthy alternative to traditional drinks, and has entered 40 nations worldwide. It is a major player in the fast-growing global beverage industry.

Founded by Binsen Tang in 2016, Genki Forest is the first of its kind in China. As a challenger, the brand has taken on major beverage conglomerates and set itself apart by offering consumers a healthier alternative to conventional soft drinks.

Genki Forest offers a range of products, including low-calorie, sugar-free sodas, energy drinks, milk teas, and a variety of other beverages. In addition to its signature calorie-free fizzy drink, the brand has also launched a line of sparkling water with zero sugar.


Genki Forest is a Chinese beverage company specializing in sugar-free and low-calorie beverages. The company has offices in Japan, the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK. In the first five months of this year, the company’s sales were over 2 billion yuan.

The beverage company is able to offer customers a wide array of exotic flavors. As a result, it is the fastest growing brand in the Chinese soft drink industry. Using a consumer-first strategy, Genki Forest has been able to establish itself as a leader in the market.

Genki Forest targets the health-conscious core target audience. It produces beverages with zero calories and zero sugar, including sparkling water without preservatives. This is in line with the trend in the health and wellness space.

No preservatives

Genki forest is a Chinese soft drink brand that offers consumers a healthy alternative to high-calorie drinks. Its main products are low-calorie and sugar-free drinks. They are also packaged in a variety of flavors. These drinks are perfect for health-conscious customers.

Genki Forest’s sparkling water contains natural ingredients and is made without additives or preservatives. The drink tastes natural, crisp and refreshing. Some of the flavors include lychee, white peach, coconut, and cucumber.

Genki Forest products have been featured by influential bloggers and KOLs. Most notably, the company has been working with top-tier actors and actresses, such as Zhang Yuqi.

Variety of flavors

Genki Forest is a global beverage brand that delivers a wide variety of flavors. Its flagship product is sparkling water, but it also offers other products.

The company produces low-calorie beverages that target the growing health-conscious market. In addition to sparkling water, the Genki Forest portfolio includes zero-calorie energy drinks, sugar-free yogurt and tea extracts. They are available in cans and bottles, and some of their flavor options include cucumber, coconut and white peach.

Genki Forest is one of the fastest-growing beverage brands in China. It began as an online business, and has since expanded into traditional sales channels. Today, the company has a presence in 41 countries around the world.

High-tech production

Founded in 2016, Genki Forest is a tech startup in the consumer goods industry. It has built five factories in the last three years. This includes one in the United States, one in Canada, two in China, and one in Germany.

It is a company that leverages the strength of the internet to reach millions of potential customers. With over 5,000 employees, Genki Forest is a company that is both technology-oriented and consumer-focused. Despite its focus on e-commerce, the company’s offline sales still account for more than half of its overall sales.

Genki Forest is able to build a global brand because of its team’s diverse skills. Many of its executives are familiar with the challenges of the consumer goods industry, while others come from traditional industry backgrounds. As a result, the Genki Forest team prioritizes consumers.

Entrepreneurial skills of founder Binsen Tang

Founder Tang Binsen has an illustrious career in tech. After a successful ten-year run as a serial entrepreneur in the internet industry, he entered the beverage business in 2016.

When Tang Binsen first founded Genki Forest, he had no experience in the drinks industry. In fact, he thought that the beverage sector would not be radically transformed by technology. He believed that relying on the skills of young people was the key to future success.

Tang took a 30 million RMB investment from Kai-Fu Lee’s Innovation Works. At age 22, he won an International Program Design Competition in France. His 2008 game Happy Farm was running in more than 20 countries. But he was dissatisfied with Tencent’s dominance in the gaming industry.